worqueshops + conversations

 Join us at our conversation club and worqueshops that touch various topics relating to wellness, career, personal development and more. This event is perfect for those who want to meet new people outside of work and gain perspective into "hard conversations" that aren't always easy to have with co-workers.


May 2024

About Bianca Lynn:
I am a certified Life Coach, Podcaster, and Media executive whose mission is to inspire and encourage others to make impactful changes in their lives. While I was first introduced to life coaching as a client in 2014, it wasn’t until 2023, when I lost my dream job at Spotify, that I finally admitted that I assigned my identity with my job title and what I thought I “should” be doing and focused on being a human being instead of a human doing. Taking the time to create my podcasts and give myself space to rediscover my essence gave me the courage to pursue my desire to become a Life Coach. Life is beautiful, but it can be challenging. By working with my life coach over the years, I’ve overcome things like Imposter Syndrome, negative self-talk, life transitions like job loss and career pivots, navigating heartbreak in my family and romantic relationships, and finding joy after the death of my beloved dog, Bentley. Because of my first-hand experience in seeing how the life coaching process works, I am so excited to live out my purpose of pouring back into my community by helping you discover the tools inside of you that will find worth in who you are versus what you do.

Join Bianca 5/14



About Sam Cartagena:
Sam Cartagena is a certified mindset and visibility coach, and the founder of Ambition + Mischief, a membership for purpose-driven founders doing their life’s work – on their own terms. Sam bridges her 10 years’ experience as a publicist with her extensive training as a mindset coach to help the women in her community secure press, get out of their own way, and get more comfortable being seen. She believes that in order to get comfortable being seen by others, we must first be comfortable with how we see ourselves.
Join Sam on 5/29